Tom Deitz’s David Sullivan #4: “Sunshaker’s War”

This week, our series on Tom Deitz’s David Sullivan books continues with Sunshaker’s War.

War in the Lands of Faerie is spilling over the Walls Between Worlds. Weapons of air and lightning resound across the worlds, resulting in torrential rains near the home of David Sullivan, and the tempest of emotions stirred up by the Faery war is spilling over as well, making humans edgy, quick-to-anger, and downright dangerous to one another.

Things are even worse in Galunlati, as a mystical weapon that draws upon the power of the sun itself is wreaking havoc on that younger, weaker land. The sun is shaking, and unless the war is stopped, it may be the end of that world—an event that could have devastating consequences for all worlds.

It is up to David Sullivan to gather his friends once more, and save the day.

Sunshaker’s War delves even deeper into the cosmology of the various worlds and how they are connected. A number of theories are put forth, actually, incorporating magic, myth, physics, and scientific “mumbo-jumbo” (in the best sense of the phrase). This book has more world-hopping than the last three books put together, and is, I think, my favorite read since the first book in the series, Windmaster’s Bane.

In this, the fourth tale of David Sullivan, you have everything that was great about the first three books, but coupled to that is a new sense of epic adventure. There is an urgency to this quest that reaches beyond the personal concerns of one boy, his friends, or even two kingdoms. This book reveals a threat to all of creation, while simultaneously retaining the very human core of the story: a boy, his friends, and ties of magic, danger, and loyalty.

After the ending of Darkthunder’s Way, the third book, I was expecting this one to have more of a sense of beginning about it. Instead, the story is very much a continuation of the earlier tale. There is a new breadth of scope, yes, and we see things from a new perspective, and are granted further information about the worlds and how they relate to one another (and some hints as to how they form, or can be created or possibly destroyed), but it doesn’t quite feel like a new story. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

In writing my other reviews, I’ve been told by some who have already read all of the books in the series that it functions very much as a ‘trilogy of trilogies.’ I don’t yet see that (and from what I can see of the fifth book from the blurb on the back and the title page, it will not remedy the situation), but I’m very eager to continue reading and discover, how, precisely, this is the case.

One thing I do know, however, is that I am very interested in seeing how the story will turn out!

On to the next book, which, according to the subtitle, is not a tale of David Sullivan, but rather a tale of his friend and ally, Calvin McIntosh.

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