Tianjin: City of the Future?

Hello again, FutureFans! It is I, TomorrowLad! This week we will be visiting a little piece of the future that is being born right here in our very own present. There is a city in China that is brimming with innovations and experimental technologies. That city is Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco City, currently the world’s largest eco-city.

Now, it’s no paradise (where on this planet is, really?), but it is the testing ground for several new technologies and green ideas. The city features electric driverless cars, for example. General Motors is using the city to test the efficacy of integrating driverless electronic vehicles with normal traffic. If the experiment works out well, just imagine how it could roll out across the globe.

Although, having experienced New York City traffic first hand, I am somewhat cautious, I must admit.

Other projects include self-emptying rubbish bins and window shutters that move with the sun (in order to keep buildings cool). Can you imagine? What would it be like, living here?

Tianjin, China

Solar panels absorb energy from the sun, there are receptacles for rain water collection and reuse, Phillips has installed several low energy lighting systems…there are innovations everywhere!

Can you see yourself living here? Or is there another experimental eco-city you’d like to live in? See being built?

What features would you include to address rampant urban problems?

Or tech that’s just too cool not to have?

I, for one, want to see a city fly…

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