The Long View

Good morning, Space Fans! TommorowLad here, and this week we’ll be blasting off to the far, far future, like, a billion years into the future!

A lot of people think about the future, but how many of those think about the far future? What humanity will be doing in ten thousand, one-hundred thousand, or even one million years from now?

Not many.

Not many, but a few are! One of those is Lt. Col. Peter Garretson. Recently, he gave an exclusive interview to KurzweilAI.Net, entitled “What Our Civilization Needs is a Billion-Year Plan.”

In the interview, Garretson discusses the lifespan of the sun, the earth, and what that might mean for the future of humanity. He goes into detail talking about why we should be thinking this far into the future now, and what might happen if we do not. With a discussion of Dyson Spheres and Kardashev Civilizations, interstellar travel and exoplanetary colonization, this is one essay that no true FutureFan should miss out on!

Read the entire interview (complete with awesome diagrams and other visual aids) here on KurzweilAI.Net!

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