Prelude: “Landing on Edge”

Dusty stared over his screen, hands crossed enigmatically in front of his face.

“Well,” he asked. “Do you flip the coin?”

Chauncey quickly scanned the core rulebook, flipping between two or three pages he had marked a few minutes before. He nodded, half to himself.

“Who wants to ‘lend’ me an action point?” Chauncey asked. “I’m going to use my ‘Borrowed Fortune’ ability to take up to three extra.”

Everyone pushed an action point toward the center of the table. Chauncey selected three, then looked to Dusty.

“I flip the coin.”


Chance took the coin. It was heavy in his hand and burned. The bite of iron. He walked it across his fingers, forcing himself to ignore the pain.

“Heads, you choose. Tails, I choose,” he repeated. With a quick flourish he set the coin, then sent it spinning into the air.

“And we call it a draw if it lands on edge!”


The players watched the storyteller. Dusty flipped through a couple of books. Chauncey watched nervously.

Dusty was putting on a show. He had something in mind already.

Dusty pursed his lips.

“Okay. Flip it.”

Dusty nodded at the heavy custom coin in front of Chauncey.

“Flip for it. We’ll do this one realsies.”

“You had to challenge him,” Logan muttered good-naturedly. It was unclear if he was referring to Death or to the ST.

Chauncey grinned. He picked up the coin, kissed it once for luck, and sent it spinning into the air.

His smile vanished when he heard the voice inside his head.

The Kiss of Luck. Well done, my darling boy. You make your mother so proud.

No one noticed Chauncey’s face. They were all watching the coin.


The coin fell. It bounced once. Twice. The third time it settled, perfectly still.

On its edge.

“Draw,” Chance said coolly. “I win.”


The table erupted when the coin landed on edge.

“You did not!” Logan knocked over his chair. “That did not just happen.”

John and Josh were grabbing one another and jumping up and down. Ellie was doing her patented victory dance in the corner.

Dusty was shaking his head, a disbelieving smile on his face.

Chauncey stared at the coin, wide-eyed and grinning a bit too far to either side of his mouth.

“Wow, man,” Logan clapped him on the shoulder. “You should buy a lottery ticket on your way home.”

“Funny you should say that,” Chauncey replied.


Author: Trip Galey

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