Digital Dreaming 1.04: “Ripples in a Mirror”

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Sand held up both hands, each with a sharp curl. He held them out in front of his face, so that through one he could see Juliette, and through the other he could see John. Sand stretched the fingers of that other hand, as if searching for something invisible—and then catching it. Slowly, he brought his hands together—and with it brought the dreams of Juliette Moore and John Gross together, weaving both into a single whole.

Sand’s hands touched and formed the shape of a heart.

John stumbled.

Juliette caught him immediately.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“I—” John blinked. “I’m fine. Thanks. I was just—” John looked around, “—somewhere else for a moment.”

Juliette blinked in the sudden light of dawn, brought from John’s dream when Sand had woven the two together. The rising sun stained the horizon in vibrant hues of rose and gold.

Dawn, the moment when night’s illusions were broken. Sand reached out and twisted a red-gold sunbeam into a pair of spectacles and perched them upon his nose.

“See as thou wast wont to see,” he muttered, “reveal now what hides from me!”

Neither dreaming magic nor dreaming logic revealed aught, however. No eerie masks. No strange, white light.

Sand pulled the glasses from his face and gave them a sharp twist before throwing them back into the sky. The sunbeam burst apart as it struck the vault of the sky and exploded into a cascading aurora. Juliette and John stood transfixed for a moment.

“Quick, John,” Juliette said, “get a picture of us with that in the background! It’s perfect.”

John pulled his cellphone from nowhere, and, as he did so, something else came with it.

An eyeless, white mask appeared, hovering directly over the phone itself. It rotated wildly, spinning on its axis.

Sand cursed and took a step back, disappearing into a convenient supernumerary. He felt the eyeless gaze pass over him, but thankfully it did not come to rest upon the dream figment he himself wore as a mask.

Cautiously, he extended his senses. There were three dreaming minds there, not counting his own. Juliette, John…and the mask.

Curious, he drew closer. The mask still spun wildly, jerking to a halt every few moments to waver back and forth as something caught its attention.

It ignored him.

If there were any answers to be had, it would be inside that mind, as alien as it appeared.

Sand picked up a handful of sand from the beach and let it trail through his fingers. The bindings holding the shared dream together began to dissolve. John blinked out for a moment and the mask began to fade.

Sand whirled the dreamstuff around himself like a cloak and became a bolt of light. Like called to like and he shot straight at the mask.

He hit it directly between the eyes and the dream went white.


As Sand slept, the screen on his phone flickered. Briefly, the icon of a white mask appeared, warping in and out of focus. It snapped into full clarity, once, before the phone went dark. A moment later, the phone rebooted, with no sign that anything, at all, might be amiss…

To Be Continued…

Next Time, on Digital Dreaming: “Raven Calling”

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Author: Trip Galey

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