(Augmented) Reality Check

Hello again, FutureFans! It is I, TomorrowLad! This week, we delve into the mysterious reaches of unreal reality!

Augmented Reality is, essentially, a computer modified version of our reality, with graphics or data projected by a computer to overlay our actual view of reality around us. As the name suggests, it’s supposed to be an improvement. You can think of it as halfway between this…

City Street

Image Credit: Till Westermayer via CC

(Actual Reality)

…and this…

(Virtual Reality – with some serious refinements)

Now, several people are taking matters into their own hands to make Augmented Reality (or at least, a better version of Augmented Reality) more of a useful or applicable reality.

Here, Matt Kwan, a PhD Candidate in Geospatial Science, shows how he turned a baseball cap into an Augmented Reality headset.

And he’s not the only one working on Augmented Reality! There’s also zeal…

Which reality do you prefer? Actual Reality? Augmented Reality? Or are you holding out for full on holodeck Virtual Reality?

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