Warehouse 13 2.11: “Buried”

A few more things…

  • It’s intriguing that Claudia is meant to be the next caretaker and not Artie. It’s surprising, and yet makes complete sense.  Claudia is the one who really seems to view the Warehouse itself as her home in a way that the others don’t quite. Artie seems to view it as an obligation to which he is yoked. That doesn’t necessarily indicate that he isn’t passionate about it nor that he hates his job, but that he does seem to have a relationship to it similar to that of a master and a servant, the latter always slightly wary of the former’s wrath, whereas Claudia seems to truly love it and understand


    it and feel safe there (which might be why she was so very furious at Leena in the premiere). Claudia as the next Mrs. Frederic? I can totally see that.

  • All of the actors deserve major credit every week, but besides Jamie Murray, I must again single out CCH Pounder for the ability to disarm everyone with a single glance, and Allison Scagliotti for bringing such vulnerability underneath the surface, as well as exuberance, to her role. Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelley were also particularly terrific this week, in their reactions to solving the various puzzles and Pete’s reaction in particular to realizing he’s fallen for his girlfriend.
  • I both love and am saddened by the fact that Myka’s fondest wish right now seems to be to have a closer relationship with Artie. On the one hand, I love that her life doesn’t revolve around romantic relationships. Instead, she just wants fatherly affection from someone she respects a great deal, but sadly, it’s the sort of connection she will most likely never have with Artie to the extent she wants, because he is so closed off. Incidentally, I love how the show continues to subvert gender stereotypes, for Pete is the one who has the gooey, more stereotypically feminine fantasy sequence, whereas Myka’s fantasy is about finding acceptance from a father of sorts, arguably a more masculine wish.

Favorite Scenes: H. G. speaking with the little girl whose brother she indirectly killed. H. G. in her Lara Croft gear. The various tests and the reveal of Warehouse 2 itself. Pete realizing that Kelly’s the one. H. G.’s betrayal.

Notable Quotables: “I know a thing or two of the opposite sex. Many of my lovers were men.”–H. G.

H.G.: (re: Myka’s reaction to her Tomb Raider outfit) What? I checked. This is what the fashionable British archaeologists are wearing nowadays.
Myka: No. It’s what American filmmakers think fashionable British archaeologists are wearing nowadays.
H.G.: Oh. Well, it is ever so comfy.

Mrs. Frederic: Agent Lattimer. This is unlike anything you’ve ever faced.
Pete: So, like always then.

Pete: That’s two I got, you know.
Myka: I know.
Pete: You solved one, and I solved two.
Myka: I know.
Pete: It’s not a contest.
Myka: You’re right. You’re right. It’s not a contest.
Pete: But if it were, I’d be winning.

Continuity Check: Dr. Calder returns for the first time since arriving to fix Artie’s regrown appendix in “For the Team”. We learn a great deal of Warehouse mythology and history this week, as described in detail above. We finally see another Warehouse. We finally learn that H. G. has had a nefarious plan, after all.

Next Monday: Episode 24, “Reset”

Previous Episode: Episode 22, “Where and When”

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Author: Robert Berg

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