Warehouse 13 2.08: “Merge with Caution”

Myka (Eddie McClintock)

Returning to the subtext of the episode, though, it’s interesting that in many ways all of the romantic leaps that occur in the episode are illegitimate, in a manner of speaking. Artie’s love for Lauren is manufactured, Kurt falls for Myka but doesn’t realize that it’s Pete’s personality he fell for, and Kelly grows closer to Pete because of words Myka said, which he’ll probably never know. Perhaps it’s another subtle warning that Warehouse agents don’t tend to have successful relationships with average people.

A few more odds and ends:

  • I adore the Robert Louis Stevenson, Jekyll & Hyde bookends conceit, and how the heads had to be switched in order to restore Pete and Myka.
  • Am I the only one who thought that the exploding guys was almost a True Blood moment, besides the fact that we would’ve actually seen the gore on True Blood?
  • The cigarette is a great red herring. Not only does it speak directly to the film noir roots of the “femme fatale,” but it makes Lauren’s evil seem even more likely, since we rarely see smoking today, particularly on television, being done by an attractive person who isn’t a villain. Furthermore, it’s so rare to see smoking on TV today, and certainly on Warehouse 13 that it made it seem more likely that the cigarette was the artifact, so the device worked on multiple levels.
  • Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly are both absolutely awesome in this episode, particularly McClintock, who captures Myka’s essence beautifully. Both of them, though, have moments where it really feels that the other character is shining through. Really excellent work.
Favorite Scenes: Pete meeting Leena in the food aisle and discovering the original red herrings and the original can of worms.
Notable Quotables: “Let’s bag old Kathy Griffin there, shall we?”–Pete to Myka, as they bag the Griffin bookend
Pete: What is that?
Myka: (rubbing two fingers together, while wearing her gloves) That is the world’s smallest purple violin.
Pete: You are going to make someone a very sarcastic wife some day.
Artie: Leena, this one is ready to be shelved.
Leena: A tin of sardines?
Artie: Yes, it was part of the Shackleton expedition. They were trapped in the ice, you know, for two years. They still had the good sense not to open that. Leena: Had the sardines gone bad?
Artie: Very bad.
“Knock knock! Just like old times!…Pwned!”–Claudia, after handcuffing Artie to the closet
“Like I don’t know how to improvise an electromagnet? I was doing this when MacGuyver was still trapped in his crib.”–Artie
Kurt: Okay, don’t take this the wrong way, but until tonight, I had no idea you were so much fun.
Pete (in Myka’s body): Dude, until tonight, I wasn’t that much fun.
“Knock! Knock!”–Artie, after leaving Claudia handcuffed to the stove
Continuity: As previously mentioned, Pete’s alcoholism becomes an issue in this episode, when he accidentally loses sobriety for the first time in years, against his will. After Claudia’s first official mission as an apprentice last episode, this week she goes on her first field assignment with Artie, during which they both reference the “Knock! Knock!” with which she returned to his life last year. Myka’s uncool social status in high school and her issues regarding that continue to build on the self-esteem issues she has regarding her for-lack-of-a-better-word feminine side that were explored in “Age Before Beauty”.

Next Monday: “Secret Santa” (This episode originally aired around Christmas, after Season 2 was done, but chronologically, this is where it fits.)

Previous Episode: Episode 19, “For the Team”

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