Warehouse 13 2.05: “13.1”

Favorite Scenes: Artie arguing with Fargo. Fargo’s first meeting with Claudia. The lightsaber, of course. Pete, Myka, and Hugo at the convenience store, and its immediate aftermath. Artie’s game of Battleship with Hugo One. Pete and Myka’s games of “Rock Paper Scissors”! The Babel Stones, including subtitled dialogue, and one very confused Myka.

Hugo One

Notable Quotables: “Wire in the hole!”–Claudia

“Until the scary lady with the beehive showed up, I kinda thought Warehouse 13 was just an Internet rumor.”–Fargo

Fargo: I was going to install it with your system, but your boss vetoed it.
Claudia: Yeah, Artie would have vetoed fire if he’d been born just a couple years earlier.

“You know, sometimes I think your brain is the artifact.”–Myka to Pete

“We are not going to feed a former agent to some pissed-off Atari.”–Pete

Continuity: At one point, we can see the Studio 54 disco ball–which caused so much trouble in the first season’s “Duped”–on one of the shelves. Meanwhile, Myka and Pete’s assertion that “every former Warehouse agent we’ve ever known is either crazy, evil, or dead…or all three” isn’t strictly true, since Rebecca is none of the above, but we can forgive them for the hyperbole, because between MacPherson, Jack, H. G., Carol, Buck, etc., it certainly seems like it’s the case most of the time. When this episode first aired, it was followed up in the schedule by an episode of Eureka in which Claudia visited, entitled “Crossing Over”. It’s highly recommended that that episode be watched immediately following “13.1,” as it follows up on Claudia’s emotional arc here. It’s available as an extra feature on the Warehouse 13 Season 2 DVD set. Fargo will show up again in Warehouse 13‘s third season in “Don’t Hate the Player,” and Hugo will appear again in the third season’s “Love Sick”. And we learn the reason for Todd’s abrupt dumping of Claudia when he reappears in this season’s “Vendetta”.

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