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How do you do? I am Myth Manners, and I will be your host for this weekly examination of etiquette. Won’t you please sit down?

Now, as I have so recently been introduced to you, I thought it only proper that we take some time to consider the proper mode or modes of introduction. After all, the introduction is one of the very foundations of social interaction, and, as such, is vitally important. They do say there is but one chance to make a first impression, do they not?

To quote Routledge’s Etiquette:

To introduce persons who are mutually unknown is to undertake a serious responsibility, and to certify to each the respectability of the other. Never undertake this responsibility without in the first place asking yourself whether the persons are likely to be agreeable to each other; nor, in the second place, without ascertaining whether it will be acceptable to both parties to become acquainted.

I am certain that all of you have been expertly schooled in the proper proprieties of mortal etiquette, but there are many vexing cases where the customs of various supernatural entities or–heaven help us–foreigners differ from the standard mode, and, as such, may be less clearly navigable.


It is common, when introduced to a werewolf, to tip the head to the right as one tip’s one’s hat or curtsies, thereby baring the throat and indicating non-aggression.

Wolf in Granny Clothing

How Do You Do?


Upon first being introduced to a vampire, it is advisable not to bare one’s throat in any way. To do so would be seen as ever so forward. Cravats are a must for gentlemen, and ladies may choose from scarves or shawls, as appropriate.


I vhant to make your acquaintance.


Never, ever inquire as to the name of a fairy. To do so is an unthinkable breach of etiquette and may very well result in a particularly nasty curse to boot. Always address even the least of fairies with an honorific, until the fairy in question offers a name which may be used to address him or her or it.


Always Be Respectful

Mixed Company

Mixed company is a far more complex issue, and we shall have to address it at some future date, for we are now out of time.

Next week we will be taking letters from our readers and answering tricky etiquette questions. If you would like to submit a query to our little column, please do so via out Contact Form.

It was ever so nice to meet you. Until next week!

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